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  1. Hi Guys,I'm trying to do a 1:1 transfer( = just a clone ) of MiniDV cassettes to *.dv files in Windows 8 OS via Firewire. I want to obtain *.dv files not *.avi files.I know a free
    utility ( but in Mac OS X ) that can do this job - its name is VIDI - it acquire DV tapes via Iee-1394 and transform them in *.dv files for Mac OS X.Is there a similar program in Windows? Thanks
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    You are getting worked up over nothing. Raw DV files (.dv, .diff) are basically the SAME as DV.AVI or DV.MOV or even to some degree as DV.MXF.

    Know this: the "video" stream inside both Type1 and Type2 avi and mov files is actually THE dv multiplexed stream straight from the firewire cable. And the type2 audio is a copy of the audio from that raw DV stream.

    There are plenty of utilities in Windows that will mux & demux that dv stream. The better ones that are fully dv-aware are old, however (witness those from Enosoft), so you might have issues with compatibility.

    Btw, you are mistaken - Macs all have a common tool that captures Raw (not contained in MM container) DV streams. It's called iMovie. And while the current incarnation of QT may not be able to, the QT 7pro player could EASILY convert back & forth between raw and multiplexed MM containerized DV, as could MPEGStreamClip, though both of them are not without their bugs as I written about before.

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    you don't want raw mac type dv on a pc. support of the filetype is rare to non-existent at this time and i know of nothing that could ever capture to raw dv at any time on a pc.
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