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  1. Hello All,

    I was re-connecting my 7350 back up after it being serviced and there were a couple things I noticed that I can use some help on:

    There are two audio outputs on the back of the unit: Norm/HiFi Ch1 - Ch2 and HiFi Ch1 - Ch2. I'm currently using the Norm/HiFi output, was wondering if this is the best setting for use with my surround sound?

    Also, when using the jog shuttle feature, the sound is now audible when searching, where it wasn't before I had it serviced. It's not the biggest deal, but I'd prefer not to hear the squealing of the video while searching and I'm at a loss as to which switch turns that feature off? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  2. My Sony SVP-5600 has a similar audio output system, according to the 7350 user manual it works much the same:

    The outputs labeled "HiFi" only pass HiFi audio: never the normal linear audio (if a tape has no HiFi audio track, these connectors simply go silent).

    The outputs labeled "Norm/HiFi" are selectable to play either HiFi only or Normal/Linear audio only, using the front panel audio out switch (bottom row, fourth switch to the right of the Soft/Sharp picture control, directly under the Rew button).

    For best audio quality connected to a surround system, connect your amp to the dedcated "HiFi" jacks or make sure the front panel switch is set to "HiFi" when connected to the "Norm/HiFi" jacks.

    The audible garbled sound track you're hearing now during speed search probably stems from being connected to the Normal/HiFi output pair: if the front switch is on "Normal" try switching it to "HiFi" and see if the squealing stops. If not, the 7350 automatically switches from HiFi (silent) to Normal/Linear (garbled) sound thru that connection when jog/shuttle is used. Before disconnecting the VCR for service, you were likely connected to the dedicated HiFi-only outputs, which mute the audio during search: if you prefer not to hear squealing voices during search, replug your audio out cables to those connectors. It is possible the 7350 has an undocumented menu option to mute audio to all connections during jog/shuttle, but I could not find it in the user manual. Scroll thru the options available on the actual VCR using the buttons under the counter display, you may find an adjustment not mentioned in the manual.

    BTW if you need the manual:
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  3. Thank you, Orsetto! You are correct, I did have the cables switched around. I can deal with the squelching, I suppose. Regardless, your input is greatly appreciated!
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