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  1. My 10 year old samsung Sh-B083L BD burner won't load BDs so i'm thinkin' perhaps it needs a cleaning. What should i do ? Is the lens the only culprit and how to know

    dvds work but BDs no luck (brand new or old). disc not detected anytime.I find that strange though, i have used BDs way less than dvds over the years
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    you can try. but it's usually a lost cause. open it up and use a cotton qtip with lens cleaner solution. use another to dry it off and more if anything still appears on the lens. DON'T use any downward pressure.

    unless you are a 2 pack a day smoker that may have left tar on the lens it probably is just dead, normal dust and dirt is swept off the lens anytime a disc is inserted.
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    I have in storage a Lens-cleaning CD. Basically a cd with a tiny horsehair brush glued to it. Bought it in 90s-early2000s and only ever used it once or twice. Didn't work.

    Sounds like defective BD laser/lens assembly. 10 years old? Just get a new one.

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