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  1. Hello I was wondering does the AJA Kona LHi support 720*480i 29.97? Also is there a way to tell the AJA Control Room v15.5 capture software to stop capturing after a certain amount of time?

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    Seems like it does not support it:
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  3. Seems like 525i is the same as 480i.

    Is 525i 59.94 just 480i 29.97?
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    Yes, Interlaced video counts the fields, 60 (59.94) fields per second is 30 (29.97) full frames per second.
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  5. Yes, 480i and 525i are the same thing. The analog signal is 525i but only about 480 lines contain picture content and are captured. Most of the other lines are just there for analog sync.

    Here's a frame from a full 525 line capture:

    [Attachment 56785 - Click to enlarge]

    Most of those black/white dots near the top of the frame are from a broadcaster put a station logo in that portion of the signal. That area would normally be black and it wouldn't be visible on a normal TV.
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  6. Thank you everyone for the quick responses and education.
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