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  1. Hello!

    I'm looking forward to create something like this with avisynth, it doesn't need to be exact, something to wave/shake/twist/distort the color bar or any other image or an effect like the old tv's with horizontal sync problems that make the screen to roll.

    I'm new to avisynth, hitting my head in the wall for some time I did manage to create this using NoiseGenerator and avisynth+ but don't know how to do the rest of the effects, googling for the terms I can find a lot of information about how to remove the noise and distortion but not how to create it:

    v1 = ImageSource("D:\TV-scanlines.png").NoiseGenerator(Gaussian=false, Amount=180, LumaOnly=true).ConvertToY()
    v2 = ImageSource("D:\TV-screen.png")
    Overlay(v2, v1, opacity=0.5)
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Name:	fLbzPzO.png
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    Thank you.
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Name:	TV-screen.png
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Name:	TV-slotmask.png
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Name:	TV-scanlines.png
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Name:	TV-grillHres.png
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Name:	TV-grill4x6.png
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  2. AddGrain() and AddGrainC() can be used to add luma and chroma noise of a few different types and sizes. I don't know of any filter that delivers the tearing horizontal sync errors. And I don't see any obvious way to do it by combining multiple simpler filters. It would be pretty simple to write one though.
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    You could try using a Stabilization/Deshake tool in Avisynth, but just have it referencing something you KNOW not to be stable, then it would UN-stabilize the image.

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  4. Thanks, I'll try that.
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  5. But deshaking tools will shift the whole frame, not individual scanlines.

    Someone posted a VHS simulator AviSynth script a while back. It added noise, comets, fuzziness, etc. But I don't think it included severe time base errors. If you search for "vhs simulation avisynth" you'll see several examples.
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  6. Thank you @jagabo, I'll.

    PS: This is a good VHS effect.
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  7. Yes, the scripts he used are there too.
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