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  1. Hi there,

    I'm looking for a good way to dub some TV shows. I have 2 videos of the same episode, 1 with bad quality/bitrate (German) and 1 with good/acceptable quality (English). I want to mux the audio from the German version over to the English one by re-encoding only the audio obviously. But because of the different sources these episodes come from, and also that the German one is in 25 fps vs 23.976 it'd be very time consuming - at least the way I'm doing it right now.
    I'm using Adobe Premiere to import both videos into my timeline and try to adjust the German audio/video to the English one step by step. I do this by keeping the 2 audio and video tracks then clicking the eye icon (to hide and un-hide the video track(s)) to exactly match the frames (btw is there a way to have both video tracks side by side so I can skip this step?). The thing is, sometimes - probably because of ad breaks, the English version has a blackscreen throughout the episodes which lasts longer than the German one - so I have to re-do this step every 5-8 minutes. The good thing is most episodes of the German version are just 25 fps with duplicate frames in it - so I don't need to adjust the audio speed to match it to 23.976.

    But with 60+ episodes this will take some time to say the least. And I need to do that for a few other shows too. There's no way I can just get the episodes in a better quality in German since even in the U.S. there haven't been any DVDs released and they are not available to stream anywhere.

    Is there any program to make this whole process more efficient and less time consuming? VirtualDub doesn't work for this type of project I think. Sadly there's no tool that uses AI to analyze both videos and then readjusts the audio to it...
    Any help would be appreciated
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  2. Premiere is fine.

    Try this.

    Create your timeline using the good video so the timeline is the good framerate and raster size.
    Add the second video clip to Video 2 and Audio 2.
    Adjust the opacity of your video 2 track to 50%.
    Now when you scroll through you can see the differences without constant clicking.

    This will be fast because the differences will jump out at you very quickly.
    (You can also do side by side by resizing the vid1 and vid2 tracks and arranging them, but I find the see-through version more efficient.)
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