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  1. I'm making the move to convert my mts/m2ts avchd videos to mp4. these are precious home videos that i don't want to lose quality as much as possible. I understand i can use FFmpeg to just copy the h264 video steam from the mts container to the mp4 container which would be lossless, however i have some older mts files that are recorded in 60i and I am not sure whether I should deinterlace?

    I see no future for interlaced video hense the possibility that one day systems will not understand how to handle interlacing.
    on the other hand i understand that you are reducing the quality by deinterlacing which as stated i am trying to avoid.

    The other questions is whether to convert the audio? the orginal is in AC3 (mts default) and i understand mp4 can support AC3, ie no transcoding necessary and preserving the original quality, however it seems that the default audio codec for mp4 is AAC.

    So again in order to make these videos supportable as long as possible is it better to deinterlace now and transcode the audio or assume that x years down the road that programs and systems will be able to handle this?
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  2. Would anyone be able to suggest a ffmpeg conversion setting for;
    1) AC3 to AAC
    2) Deinterlacing 59.94 to 29.97

    I would like to perserve the orginal quality as much as possible.
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