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  1. Hi,

    Just had a question about the order of the audio tracks.

    If a video has two audio tracks, is it better to put the TrueHD Atmos first or AAC first?

    I know for a HDR video, if the player needs to transcode the audio, the HDR might won't turn on.

    If a player can only play AAC not TrueHD, will it just pick the AAC in priority no matter AAC is in the first place or 2nd?

    Or the player will just try to transcode the TrueHD if it sits on the 1st track, and the user would need to manualy switch to audio track 2, then having the HDR on?

    Thank you
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  2. Most of the time I see video files come with the TrueHD Atmos on the 1st place and AAC 2nd.
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