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  1. I am new to Premiere and having trouble setting the white point. I have tried the Lumetri color correction effect and set white balance to a point in the background picture of the screenshot below. I understand that white balance works better with grey to obtain better resolution in the calculations for each channel. (For example, if the pixel for white is saturated with light, it provides no information.) So I suspect that Lumetri is setting the balance of each channel and not the white point, and this comparison between the background color and the pure white from the font shows that this effect does not set the white point:

    [Attachment 56733 - Click to enlarge]

    I also tried the deprecated three-way color correction with white/highlights, grey/midtones, and black/shadows and it is even worse: it sometimes fails to get a neutral temperature and has a blue tint. It also failed to accurately set the white or black points.

    How can I set white and black points in Premiere?
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    unless you have a color calibrated monitor what you see isn't the actual color anyway. good factory calibrated monitors are not cheap ~ $1000. poorly shot video with bad white balance can be eyeballed to "ok" by a decent editor, but there's no fixing bad camera work completely.
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  3. Use the built-in Lumetri scopes set to RGB Parade. When the red blue and green levels match you will have something approximating neutral. I personally find manually adjusting the curve controls the most useful way to get there.

    That said, in the image you posted the upper right is much warmer in color than the lower left, so you are going to have to decide which grey in that range is "neutral"
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