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  1. After loading an mkv video, I choose video effects, adjustment, brightness/contrast/gamma. After these choices I can make changes, but I cannot see the changes. How do I make the video visible so that I can see the changes I am making?

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  2. Without even knowing what tool you are using my guess would be that there might be a 'Preview' somewhere which allows to see the effect of your settings on the input,...
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  3. which program ?
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  4. The program is nVSDC Video Editor. I think the answer is along the timeline, where you can advance the video to a frame which contains an image you want to modify, according to the video effect you have chosen. Then you can see the changes, after which you can reset the timeline to the beginning and then begin the export,
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    Just Tried it out. Click Playback tools at the top of the screen and the Menu below your video will change to include play.
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