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  1. Maybe on Github or something, but i am looking to find one that writes it automatically and then I can just correct it in subtitle edit.
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  2. Are you talking about generating speech to text? YouTube can do it. Simon Says is very good as is Rev Services. Premiere is expected to have that capability soon. A lot depends on the quality of your source.
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  3. How do I do it for youtube? I tried uploading it but it does not give me the option.
    It is an old feature-length movie btw.
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    Hello everyone,
    I am a new member here.
    As mentioned by other members, YouTube is a good option, but it has a 15 minutes file upload default limitation. You can increase the time with mobile verification.
    If your movie is in English, then it should be OK, but YouTube automatic transcription supports only a small list unfortunately.
    If everything goes well, download the transcription with the timestamps and open it in Subtitle Edit to convert it into *.srt file.
    Good luck.
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