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  1. Im looking for an option to have a Device running as a Plex Server, without having to leave my PC on at all times. Apparently you can get some NAS and or luxurious Routers but i want something tih what ive already Got! Best Case scenario having soem older Android Phones that are sitting around to act as servers. But im not finding anything. Best case is to root them and install linux, and then have plex installed on their Linux OS. IS this really the best option ive got?

    Reference to a relevant post ive found (not made by me)
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    Raspberry pi 4 would be your best bet as a plex server.
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  3. Well i guess i can do that. But where im at it costs 65+ euros to get one. Since i already get an android phone that i can turn into a linux machine why not just do that instead
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