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  1. I am trying to convert VOB to MKV in VDub2 without transcoding the audio in any way. The VOB audio tracks are 228kbps and I'd like the resulting MKV files to also have 228kbps audio tracks.

    I've tried a number of different settings, but none seem to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  2. Set Audio -> Direct Stream Copy. That will copy the original (AC3?) audio to the MKV file without any changes.

    But VirtualDub2 is not a great tool for working with DVDs. You really should use AviSynth for all the processing.
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  3. Thanks!

    Can AviSynth convert the output to MKV? If so, I'm in!
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  4. Originally Posted by robertazimmerman View Post
    Can AviSynth convert the output to MKV?
    AviSynth is an open source script driven video filtering system. You create a script with a text editor like Notepad, then open that script in an editor/encoder that supports AviSynth scripts as input. There are hundreds (thousands?) of filters available in/for AviSynth and you can create your own when necessary. It's a very powerful system but a bit difficult to get started with. It can often handle very complex DVD problems that no other program can deal with. Most DVDs can be handled with a handful of filters.

    For many DVDs you may find a simple GUI converter like Handbrake is sufficient -- and easier to learn.
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  5. Ultimately what I want to be able do is as follows. Will Handbrake work for me?

    1 - Insert chapter points in long concert videos
    2 - Name the chapters according to the song titles
    3 - Author/burn a blu-ray disc that shows each of the songs as separate named chapters
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