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  1. When I play on my laptop (Sony Vaio F22 with Pioneer TD-03 bd drive, windows 7 and Nvidia 540M GPU) some old movies filmed in three strip Technicolor, almost always I notice annoying green halo mostly around the heads of actors, as this

    [Attachment 56687 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 56688 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 56689 - Click to enlarge]

    Since the artifact are displayed independently from the player I use (see above snapshots taken with leawo player, powerdvd or Arcsoft TMT), then is this a problem relating to disc transfers or to my laptop hardware?

    Thank you
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  2. The original transfer was made from a misaligned print. In this case you have to stretch the green channel slightly to the left. Newer transfers are made from original separations and re-aligned.

    You can fix this in after effects, and probably avisynth.
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  3. That makes the head of the guy in black look better. But it screws up the white line around the red of the guy sitting next to him. Something else is going on.
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  4. R,G,B do not align properly; It's more than a simple stretch, there is non linear distortion

    G, B match up more closely with each other, but are still off more on the right .

    The red channel is the most messed up, the left side is blurred disproportionately. A distorted off center stretch (with different centre point axis) might make it closer
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  5. Thanks for the clarifications. Now I know that the problem lays in the original transfer.
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