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  1. I have many videos from web and sometimes, fps is not standard, some times that leads to out of sync subtitles i try to add on them.

    So is there way to to list all mkv files and their fps so i can get rid of those non standard framerate ones and try to seek replace.

    example c:\learning has multiple how_to_do_stuff.mkv and i want to get just txt file that has files name and framerate of all mkvs.

    I know i can manually use mediainfo but that takes time as some folders has many videos.
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  2. This:

    @echo off
    set "Mediainfo=G:\Program Files\MediainfoCLI\Mediainfo.exe"
    set "temp_folder=C:\Temp"
    if not exist "%mediainfo%" echo mediainfo path was not properly defined or weird characters in filename are present& ENDLOCAL& pause& goto :eof
    if not exist "%temp_folder%" MD "%temp_folder%"
    for %%a in ("*.mp4","*.mkv","*.avi") do call :make_list "%%a"
    ENDLOCAL&echo press any key to exit&pause>nul&exit
    :make_list <filename>
    "%Mediainfo%" --Inform=Video;%%FrameRate%% "%~1" > "%temp_folder%\temp.tmp"
    set /p framerate=<"%temp_folder%\temp.tmp"
    echo %~nx1   .......   %framerate%
    echo %~nx1   .......   %framerate% >>list.txt
    goto :eof
    in a batch file in a folder full of videos will generate a file called list.txt with the filenames and frame rates:

    ww.hevc.qsv.mp4   .......   23.976 
    ww.hevc10.qsv.mkv   .......   23.976 
    ww.mkv   .......   23.976
    You will need MediaInfoCLI and to change the path to where it is stored on your computer. You may need to create/change the Temp folder too.

    Your whole premise about non-standard frame rates and subtitle sync is wrong though.
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