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  1. I noticed that the BBC and Netflix mainly use EBU-TT-D subtitles. However, I can't find any subtitle editors that support this format, leading me to believe the only way to make subtitles with it is manually, which obviously isn't the case. Does anybody know the best way to make EBU-TT-D subtitles?
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  2. Never tried it, but here's what a quick search revealed some potential tools and extensions of existing tools:

    EBU-TT Live Toolkit:
    SubtitlingConversion Framework (SCF):
    oXygen + EBU-TT: adds EBU-TT validation and visual editing support in oXygen ( for EBU-TT files as an oXygen framework.
    FAB Subtitler STD: might be a good start reading,...

    -> from the looks of it 'FAB Subtitler STD' seems to be the most comfortable way to edit such subtitles.

    Cu Selur
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