Ok, to say this in advance: I do not have a huge amount of time to look through the whole forum and pick apart which answers would help me with part of one of my problems and then cobble something together that works for my specific combination of problems.

First, I am a student and I do not have the time to teach myself how to program, how to use many different programs together to solve this or the money to pay for one or more programs, so everything either needs to be freeware or you need to tell me, that what I need does not exist yet.

I am disabled and can only use one hand, so I definately cannot use any programs, where I have to adjust subtitles manually, type things in manually or do more than a few clicks with my mouse.

Now what I want to do: I am a language student and a polyglot and I have been learning languages with movies and tv shows for ages. In the past I did this by buying my favorite tv shows with a dub and subtitles in that language I wanted to learn plus either English or German (my native language) sub or dub, so no matter if that country only did subtitles or dubs, I was nearly always able to get at least one of my favorite tv shows in that language. Later when I was unable to travel anymore after my accident, I always saved up for 2 years or so and then ordered a huge amount of dvds in the next language I wanted to learn in one package to get a rebate and to save on transportation costs. But now I have learned all the languages already where one can easily get dvds in Germany. When possible, I always used the old PowerDVD that let me display 2 subtitles, in the language I learned and in English or German for understanding. I do not have the old PowerDVD on my new laptop anymore and no free program that plays dvds seem to be able to play 2 subtitles under each other anymore.

Currently I want to learn Bulgarian, Catalan, Galician, Albanian and Uzbek. Except for maybe Bulgarian, none of these languages have subtitles for the tv shows I already have more than one and sometimes dozens of different language versions of. And for the languages I already know, there are also a lot of tv shows that are so rare, that I only have either English or German or Italian DVD versions and nothing is available on subtitle websites in the languages they do make a lot of subtitles available.

So I need a permanent solution for my old or rare tv shows, where I can have correctly synced subtitles and a way to add them to a dvd to be able to watch it with 2 subtitles like I did in the past, but with all languages.

Currently I am practising some of my languages with newer tv shows on Netflix with the addon Language learning with Netflix. This uses machine translation for those rare languages, that simply no subtitles are available. It can at least do Bulgarian and Catalan, but not the other languages.

And another way to have correctly synced subtitles is to download them from my Prime Video Germany account and send them through google translate and then add them with substital and then have Galician and Albanian subtitles because google can do those languages. I know google translate is not perfect, but it is at least some kind of help. But on there and on Netflix almost none of my favorites are available, or only on there for a short time or do not have subtitles I can translate.

So for the majority of my tv shows which are only on DVD this does not help. And since a New Years Resolution of mine a few years ago was to never watch anything without learning a new language with it, I really want to rewatch my old stuff. I keep promises to myself very seriously.

I do not want to nor do I have the time to copy the dvds on my computer and remove the copy right protection.
Is there not some program that could just read the timing of the subtitle in the movie when I put in the dvd, take some subtitles I give it that are out of sync and sync those to it, and maybe can also add the ability to ask me, which additional language I want it to use google translate to add subtitles to it? So I would just need my dvds, a free subtitle that is from a different version of the movie and an Internet connection for google translate, to then have a subtitle I can just add to the dvd and watch it in the 2 languages? And maybe for added measure, maybe add another translation, for when you want to watch the show with a friend who speaks a different language than those 2?

What my issue is most of the time, is that for those languages, that subtitles exist that were translated by humans (which is of course preferable) the sync is always to some old avi file that was available decades ago but not on the Internet anymore, where adds were cut out and the original cut, so you do not just have to fix the subtitles one time for a few seconds, but multiple times in the episode. And you just cannot do that without using up a lot of time, a lot of clicking (which is just not possible with my health) and knowing the language, which I do not yet when I am learning it. So the tip to just sync it myself does not help me there. There is supposed to be a new program out there that can at least sync those complicated files that do not just have one timing issue: Subsync. But that does not seem to work with Windows? At least with me it took forever, did not finish or was not synced in the end.

Is anything out there that can do it? Or at least a solution for the different steps that is simple in itself, like on program for finding out all the time stamps for the subtitles, one program where I can just paste those in and another subtitle and which then puts that together automatically and a third thing for either combining 2 or 3 subtitles automatically that I then can add to my dvd with vlc player or a player which can play dvds with its subtitles and add subtitles from outside? And while still being able to read the subtitles (so they are not on top of each other)

Is there anything or multiple somethings that are perfect for my problems?