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  1. I am new to Premiere. I have used iMovie before and I would like to make a short movie with a scrapbook theme similar to that of iMovie:

    I want to do it in Premiere to have more control, e.g. having an intro and outro outside the theme, and to avoid the Apple watermark.

    Does Premiere Pro have similar themes?
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    Premiere is a PRO tool, and as such, it expects you the producer to create any such theme-like elements from scratch, because then they are YOURS and are unique instead of being a copy of some other producer's "package".
    Not sure if there is a difference, but you should check out Premiere Elements or Premiere Rush, the junior/consumer and online/sharing forks of Premiere, respectively. They would be the more likely places to see such gimmicks.

    Apple's iMovie is equivalent to those, while what Apple has that is equivalent to Premiere Pro is Final Cut. You don't really see "themes" in FCX, either.

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    Originally Posted by Cornucopia View Post
    But ... but ... comics.
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  4. Thanks Cornucopia. I looked for templates for such scrapbooks or comic book transitions and could not find them in Premiere. Before I clean my drive for the 8 GB required for Premiere Elements, can anyone confirm that they do exist in the junior/consumer version?
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