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  1. I'm trying to find the needed cable to connect between a vintage camcorder and its powersupply/breakout box. Old camcorders didn't have separate cables for power and signals. They had power, video, and audio wires all in the same cable. Usually this would connect to a power supply box that plugged into a wall outlet, and a 10 wire cable went from the power supply box to the camera. The power supply then also functioned as a breakout box, because it had output connectors for audio and video (which would then connect to a VCR or TV or broadcast transmitter, or anything else that processed the video and/or audio).

    Now I'm considering buying an old video camera that uses this type of equipment setup just to experiment with. However, there's a problem. Unlike some camcorders which have a hardwired cable, that just needs to connect to the powersupply/breakout box, the camera I'm looking to get unfortunately has its own cable connector that looks much like the connector normally found on the powersupply. This means it requires I purchase a separate cable, and then manually connect it to both the camera and the power supply. Unfortunately I don't know where to find such a cable.

    I know the end connectors are both 10-pin hirose. The connector on the camera is male, and the connector on the powersupply is female. This means I will need a 10 wire cable with a male 10-pin hirose connector on one end and a female 10-pin hirose connector on the other. Where can I find such a cable? In the past (like 1970s or 1980s), these were standard so would be easy to buy at a store. However they would now be considered very exotic specialized cables, useful only for vintage equipment collectors. So does anybody even make them anymore for the collectors market? If not, is there a good online store for buying vintage camcorder cables? I haven't found any on eBay yet.
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  2. That's the Italian version of eBay. I only have an account on Do you know if there's somwhere else I can buy it than on
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    Originally Posted by Videogamer555 View Post
    That's the Italian version of eBay. I only have an account on Do you know if there's somwhere else I can buy it than on
    here -
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