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  1. Hi folks,

    I have this track that peaks at -0.1dB:

    I add it to Vegas Movie Studio Premium 17, remove all track FX, don't change any other settings and render a new wav:

    The track gain is 1.0, volume is 0.0, master fader is 0.0, no FX on master.

    The problem is that the new wav is louder - it peaks at 0.2dB. Do you know why?

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    vegas pro says your original wav peaks clip at 0.3dB over.

    [Attachment 56460 - Click to enlarge]
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  3. You converted 44.1 KHz 24 bit samples to 48 KHz 16 bit samples. That will cause small changes in peaks and troughs.
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  4. Thank you jagabo, I've rendered the original audio in 48K and it worked!

    aedipuss, thanks for checking! I think the reason it works for you is because your default setting is 44K.
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