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    Question I have. Do you have the internal TBC switched out or in on your Sony decks in that setup?

    Wow, what a setup! (drool face)
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  2. Is the DPS-210 taking DUB in and then using the s-video out? I feel ignorant but I didn't realise that you could use s-video out without s-video in... I would have assumed dub in means dub out. Is it the DPS-210 that's converting the color-under from the DUB connection? Wish I had a unit that did that...
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  3. Yeah it's converting DUB to svideo.

    Alternatively, there exist boxes that are just for the DUB > Svideo conversion. See this thread and this product:

    Something i've been looking into for an upcoming umatic project.
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  4. That's a really interesting device. I guess the benefit of the DPS is that it's also serving a TBC function, which that DUB converter wouldn't.
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  5. True. But there's something to be said about removing as much of the vintage gear as possible out of the lineage. I haven't found much info on whether or not a common VHS TBC (Datavideo units, etc) will also work on umatic signals. Hoping it will, and probably end up trying that out eventually.
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  6. I don't think the DataVideo TBCs would handle Umatic very well. There are rack TBC units that were designed for Umatic signals (include DUB i/o etc). But then you're again caught in this odd situation where you've taken an s-video signal from the DUB converter and need a TBC that has s-video i/o.

    I'm currently thinking Umatic > DUB converter > FOR A FA-310 or DPS-575 would be a good workflow with minimal gear. Hopefully can test this soon.
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  7. Yeah please let us know.

    The other thing i'm wondering is how to possibly hook up a Domesday duplicator for capture, like the ld-decode thread. I see RF out on most umatic decks, but I assume that's just a coax out video signal, not actual head RF. Considering it's a miracle these days to get footage off these old tapes, a straight RF capture that can down the line be decoded would be a good bet, just to save the raw output.
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  8. Originally Posted by DopeNessMonster View Post
    It looks like the DPS-375 might've been a PAL only unit. I don't see much reference to it outside the UK. Bummer because it looks like it'd do everything in one box since it takes a DUB input.
    The DPS-375 SP is indeed PAL-only. Near as I can tell, the equivalent NTSC unit is the DPS-295. These two also appear to be the last DPS TBC models with native U-matic DUB support?

    Originally Posted by DopeNessMonster View Post
    Going from what lordsmurf said, I did another dig around and got a DPS-470 coming. I see on here that it's not highly recommended for VHS work, but we'll see how it handles U-Matic. DPS seems to have done a lot of work around that format, so they must've known a few things about it. But if it can clean up or at least cope with the vertical blanking issue then I'll be happy. The 470 does have SDI outputs and also handles analog audio so at least the audio should stay synced.
    Leitch's DPS units in general don't seem to be particularly well regarded for output quality:

    Originally Posted by Cornucopia View Post
    Hmmm...I would partially disagree. Often, as a final format 16bit audio is quite sufficient for end users, compared to 24bit. But, depending on your playback system & display, 10+bit does have some distinct advantage over 8bit even as an end-use format (particularly in regards to banding). This still applies to SD, though it is more noticeable with higher resolution.
    And the benefits of higher bitdepth use are very clear, striking even, when it comes to intermediate manipulation (editing, mixing/compositing, synthesis/processing) of the data.
    This. The higher the bit depth you capture at, both audio and video, the better the results in post with things like DaVinci Resolve's color tools. Newer tools like VirtualDub2, AviSynth+, and StaxRip should take care of handling deep color. Garbage in, garbage out and all that.

    Sadly, every analog tape era TBC that I'm aware of appears to be 8-bit color once you engage the TBC circuit, no matter who made it or how much it cost. Something more modern like the Ensemble Designs BrightEye 75 should give much better performance all around, including deep color. Anybody know when 10-bit deep color pipeline TBCs started showing up?

    Just be aware that you'll almost certainly need a PCIe or Thunderbolt 3 capture card to actually get 10-bit. Every USB 3.0 capture card I'm aware of - outside Blackmagic's now-discontinued UltraStudio SDI and Intensity Shuttle boxes - are 8-bit only, even from the likes of AJA or Magewell.

    Originally Posted by nicholasserra View Post
    Alternatively, there exist boxes that are just for the DUB > Svideo conversion. See this thread and this product:
    Keystrobe's Dub Optimiser should give much better performance than the ancient DPS-210 transcoder. At least the hardware won't be 30+ years old.
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    Ensemble Design devices sample video at 12bit for higher accuracy and process it at 10bit, Audio is always 24bit/48KHz. Since I don't do a lot of post work I output as 8bit and in the encoding stage I bring the audio down to 16bit/48KHz, HiFi tracks comes out crystal clear.
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