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    The way I solve subtitles problems is to experiment. I used Handbrake to convert a German language VOB file version of Klaus Kinski's Nosferatu 1979, then once converted, simply added a set of *.srt subtitles file to that single file and the subs worked worked perfectly. That's possibly a workaround purists won't like.

    Right this moment, I'm experimenting with adding downloaded *.srt files to each of the three VOB files in my off the shelf copy of Company of Wolves 1984. The experiment works on the first *.vob file perfectly. But I haven't tried putting one under EACH FILE YET, fearing that if I do, the VOB files might not automatically move to the next *.vob file, which uses the same complete film *.srt file, a move, unfettered VOBs do automatically without a *.srt file between them. Anybody tried this? I'm about to try it now. You don't normally have to waste a DVD to do it. Just do it in your browser first, with the *.srt inserted just below each VOB.
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    That's possibly a workaround purists won't like.
    It has nothing to do with purists. Using Handbrake requires reencoding and degrading the original DVD quality. It's a complete waste of time and totally unnecessary since it's easy enough to add subs to a DVD.
    Anybody tried this?
    Of course not. It won't work and adding subs to a DVD is already a well known process.

    If you don't mind removing the menus and extras, you can convert the VOBs to a single MPG of the movie using VOB2MPEG or some such, and play the result with your ugly SRT subtitles.
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    If you are just after the main movie and add your own subtitles without losing any quality, use MakeMKV to wrap a MKV container around the original DVD. Then when you have the MKV file run it through MKVToolNix and add in your sub and then start multiplexing.
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