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    1. the player manufacturer's website states that the forum is closed until the end of the year, when will the forum reopen?

    2 . PotPlayer 64 bit- what hardware is needed ? ( list only Intel processor + NVIDIA video card
    but which Intel processor and motherboard is best to play? )

    3. why not recommend a new AMD processor like 5900? or video card AMD 6800
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  3. thanks for the link but,

    it's contrary to the player's instructions

    1080 Ti/ Titan/ 1070/ 1080/ 2080 are recommended. AMD ATI equivalents. Also decents Intels iGPUs recommended.
    not understood Recommended 2080, so why does a weak Intel iGPU video card appear?
    there are big differences here between video cards .
    Player creators write only NVIDIA video card How AMD?

    Onboard / PCI-E / USB Sound Card. PCI-Express Sound Card is Recommended. Creative Sound Blaster Z Series recommended for best Audio Quality ( optional ).
    again problematic not suitable for movies with HD surround, the card does not have an HDMI port

    Minimum any 60Hz 720p/ 1050p LCD Monitor but Any 60Hz/ 72Hz/ 75Hz/ 9xHz/ 120Hz/ 144Hz/ Nvidia G-Sync/AMD FreeSync 1080p or better
    what has 75HZ or 144HZ movies got to do with it ?
    what has Nvidia G-Sync / AMD FreeSync movies got to do with it ?

    there are a lot of issues with this guide and it is not suitable for HDR movies

    NVIDIA Pixel Clock Patcher
    what does this have to do with movies? there is a whole mess of software and hardware here

    Windows Vista or later
    400-series GPU or newer
    someone took a guide from 2012 and made some unrelated changes
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