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  1. I have some SD video from VHS tapes I'm converting to MP4 for playback on computer or TV. The files are in standard DV-AVI container right now. I am converting to MainConcept AVC/AAC MP4 with custom settings to match the source. 720x480i, 29.97fps, lower field first, 4:3 AR. I have my preset saved.

    When I render a single file I'll choose the "stretch output frame, do not letterbox" option. However, when I try to use scripting to do a batch conversion it is applying the letterbox setting to each video and putting bars on the side. Is there a setting I'm missing to keep this from happening?
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  2. Also of note is that if I make the same preset with Sony AVC it does not letterbox with batch output. As far as I know and can tell the quality should be exactly the same using the same settings so I'll just go with that. It's just odd that one preset adds that and the other doesn't.
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  3. Bump. Anyone have any idea? Still dealing with this. I've converting a ton of tapes and having to render each file individually to get the results I want. If I could batch render using this preset it would save a lot of trouble.
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    Are you talking about the Magix Movie Edit Pro video editing program?

    If so, I suggest you ask over on the Magix Video forum.

    I wouldn't be stretching 4:3 video. It'll be distorted.

    4:3 isn't letterboxed on a 16:9 screen, it's pillarboxed ie black sides.
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  5. No, Vegas Pro is Magix now, not Sony. Guess I'm mixing up pillarbox with letterbox. I choose the stretch to fill output frame option when rendering. I am rendering as 720x480i, lower field first, 10mbps CBR, AAC 128kbps audio. I have always chosen the stretch to fill option when rendering no matter the format. I've never had an issue with any output frame size until this. It's just odd that using the same exact preset rendering a single file it's not an issue, but batch render adds the black bars that I don't want. I can batch render with Sony AVC or even MPEG-2 and it doesn't happen. I would use the Sony codec but for some reason it renders at 60fps even though everything in the project is 30fps.
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