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  1. I'm trying to learn the use of Avisynth's Animate filter. So I start with a very simple script:
    Animate(0, FrameCount, "AssumeFPS", 240, 10)
    The clip is 30 fps, and I would expect it to start playing very fast (at 240 fps), but gradually slow down until t plays at only 10 fps at the end.

    The fact is it plays at 240 fps form start to end.

    What am I missing here?
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    You want to create a VFR clip in Avisynth, but Avisynth doesn't support VFR playback...
    Not without duplicating /interpolating /deleting frames, at least.
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  3. Thank you. I have tried

    Animate(0, FrameCount, "ChangeFPS", 120, 12)

    but it didn't give me a pseudo-VFR either.
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  4. Try something like this for ramping framerate:

    Animate fps will cause you trouble.
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  5. Thank you andkar, I'm going to take a look on that.
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  6. Another speed ramping avisynth method is sickjumps

    example in use

    IMO, it's easier to do speed changes with a GUI in something like a NLE, where you can draw curves , fast visual feedback and adjust timing
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  7. Looks like SickJumps light be The Avisynth way of acheiving speed changes. As I"m out of home for The holidays, I shall have to try it un a free days from now.
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  8. Cellís artificial 'intelligence' (???) modified my message, ��
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