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  1. I'd like to restore this to the original framerate. It's progressive, with blended frames. They seem to follow the pattern GGGBBB (G=good, B=bad/blended), see for example frame 854 in the snippet below for a clear case.

    This is material shot in PAL land, so 25fps could be the target framerate. Could also be 23.976fps.

    Can srestore fix this? If so, how? I looked at ExBlend but it deals with different patterns than this one (GGGBB or GGGGBB). Or perhaps there's another tool that would be useful here?
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    There is something suspicious about, I got a virus warning from Windows Defender
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  3. Huh, weird. Never had any problems with them, been using it for some weeks now (with an adblock on, though). Anyway, sorry about that, it's now on sendspace. Link on the OT updated.
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  4. I'm sorry if the messages above crept some users out, so I know remembered that in this forum I can upload the snippet directly, so there's the m2v in the first post now.
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  5. I don't believe SRestore can do anything with it as its blend removals for progressive sources are based on 5-frame cycles. ExBlend is about your only choice. This, at least, results in it playing smoothly, even though the blends aren't all removed:


    If you want to return it to film speed then add an AssumeFPS(23.976) afterwards and slow the audio to match.
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