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    You paragraph is unintelligible. If you want an answer respond with some details and an overview of what you're trying to do.
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  2. Put only one hour of video on a single layer DVD. If you need two hours use a dual layer DVD.
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  3. If you rip the DVD (e.g., DVDFab, DVD Decrypter, etc.), the resulting files should be 100% identical in quality to the original. If you are getting lower quality, then you are using the wrong software.
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  4. Hey, I'm back. This is the issue that I have been having when transferring tapes to my computer. If you look in the background at the wall, you'll notice the slight distortion with the dark colors. It looks pixelated to me. When I play the VHS tape, the image looks smooth. Here, it looks like the colors are flickering. How do I fix this? (sorry if the darkened censors over peoples are distracting for analyzing this)
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  5. Your video may be compressed with Prores but it was previously poorly deinteralced and over compressed with a lossy codec. You fix this by going back and capturing without that lossy compression.
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