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    Digitized a VHS tape and my audio is offset by about 160ms and I have bands of color running across the screen (it's the tape - tried multiple decks). I'd like to get the audio adjusted and am looking to maybe go black and white in order to minimize the color issues.

    Any free editing programs that could do both well? Leaning toward free as it's a one and done 2 hour video. Stellar night for my old band (but the source it crap, trying to make it as enjoyable as possible.

    Edit: Should have added that I'm 64 bit Windows 10 and my capture card output is ".mpg" which has been converted to ".mp4".
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  2. It would be much better (especially with a low quality source), if you care at all about quality, to do the initial capture in a lossless format, and not convert to a lossy format until the very end. Apparently you started with MPG, which is lossy (and bitrate-hungry even with quality sources to get a decent quality, while the max bitrate available is generally 9000kbps since that's what the video DVD standard allows), and then straight away added another generation of lossy compression (MP4 containing most likely H.264, probably with a bitrate far lower than what would be required to preserve the quality of a probably blocky and blurry MPG capture), before you even got started with the editing / tweaking.
    Common lossless video codecs are : HuffYUV (old and less efficient than newer formats but light in power requirements and reliable), Lagarith (more efficient compression but more power hungry), MagicYUV, UT Video (both intermediate in terms of compression efficiency, compress more than HuffYUV but less than Lagarith, according to a trustworthy member on this forum UT Video is generally the fastest in editors). In AVI container, with uncompressed WAV audio. Can be done with VirtualDub2 if the software provided with the capture card doesn't have that option.
    If the capture card doesn't allow lossless AVI export at all, it shouldn't be too expensive to get one that does (you may even find a used one in your area, if the seller agrees to spray it with hydroalcoolic stuff and throw it to you from 20 feet away while you send him a sanitized bill with a carrier pigeon).

    EDIT : One comment on the UT Video page complains about the installer being reported as malicious or potentially malicious by 9 detection engines at, I just checked, it's reported by 4, 3 I've never heard about and McAfee which indicates that it “behaves like” some other known threat, while all the other big names of computer security report it as safe, so safe it should be.
    By the way there's a typo in the description : “YUV an RGB lossless” => should be “and”, if someone reading this has credentials to correct it.
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