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  1. Hello folks!

    I have a TCL 55R615 Roku TV and a TCL Alto 8i soundbar.

    I play movies/shows from a HDD connected to my TV. I have the TV set to playthrough audio.
    The soundbar is connected to an ARC HDMI port (no eARC).
    The soundbar can play DD+ (E-AC3) [with Atmos], but not TrueHD.

    Since I cannot play the TrueHD track, I want to know if I should keep the core AC3 track or encode the TrueHD track to a higher bit rate E-AC3 track?

    The core AC3 track (assuming) was encoded at the studio with an official Dolby Encoder. I have FFMPEG, and am using that.
    Which leads me to my first sidebar question: Is FFMPEG's E-AC3's encoder really "that bad", if so what easier alternatives do I have? Doesn't eac3to use the lame library as FFMPEG?

    If encoding TrueHD to E-AC3 is "better" than the core AC3 track, then at what bitrate should I use?

    Is there a consensus, best practice?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Unless you are going to buy an uber sound system in the future then just keep the core ac3 track since you won't hear any difference in sound quality.
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