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  1. any actually good vid player options?

    KMPlayer doesnt even have a forum

    1. what does KMPlayer do out of the following?
    2. what does KMPlayer not do?
    3. does KMPlayer do almost all basics?

    4. if not what vid players does do all or nearly all basics?

    5. why is potplayer slow when no other vid players are? what's wrong with potplayer ? is it suppose to be slow? how to find out whats wrong? how to trouleshoot? or just uninstall the trash?

    currently have

    mpc-hc x64

    but it is so bad

    some of the so many basic problems are:

    - doesnt remember all settings where you last left off
    - doesnt automatically play the next vid/file/lecture in folder by default
    - is really bad ui / ux overall in lots of things, but other things are worst
    - doesnt do many basic things that youtube does
    - on twitch AND youtube, you can just move the mouse over the vid (while fullscreen or not) and it shows you the title, but you cant even do that basic thing on this
    - and many other vid players
    - doesnt have to be free, just is there anything well designed like youtube or twitch for desktop? that does basic things that youtube does?
    - like im pretty sure a student made youtube, and nobody has even made something good for desktop since youtueb was made a longgg time ago....
    - it's a very basic app that does basic vid player things, isnt there anything decently good like youtube?
    - when you speed it up 2x or 1.5x or w/e the voice changes so werid but it doesnt do that on youtube, it's actually sounds accurate on youtube
    - and twitch for that matters
    - but this vid player is just complete garbage but other things are worst

    has anyone here used youtube and knows what vid player can do basic things that youtube does ?

    cos many things dont do basics

    is there nothing still in 2020 that is well designed like youtube

    if someone wanted to design a good video player just make something like youtube, pretty simple, youtube has existed for a very long time, which a student likely made too, so a good desktop vid player is a basic thing

    isn't there anything?

    cos when it comes to a simple video editor that does a simple thing:

    - there was actually nothing but twitch
    - like some good designers / devs made the simple clip editor for twitch

    there were really no other options:

    is there nothing still in 2020 that is web designed like youtube ? has anyone here used youtube and knows what vid player can do basic things that youtube does ?

    and there's like no other sitse on the web to ask besdies this video player site ..... ?

    has anyone here used youtube and knows what vid player can do basic things that youtube does ?

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    Youtube is made by a multibillion dollar corporation and runs on server farms that also cost billions. Media players are almost all just GUIs for free open source CLI software like mpv or ffmpeg. N.B. that also apples top the video players that charge money. Comparing the two is just ridiculous.

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    @HoserRob, I wouldn't put too much effort into convincing the OP. Seems to be acting like another Gamemaniaco (obsessive w/ perfection of minutiae). Sorry, easytools, not to disparage, but it is what it is.


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