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    i'm trying to use madVR with MPC-be, that's better compared to other renderers. With an i7-9700 and a GTX1660S.

    I didn't even know before reading it from madVR hardware proprieties that 16bit output exist, thinking 10 was the most.
    TV is 16bit, it's a cheap QLed made in France. Really good i must say (i lowered RED, and that's all the bad it has).

    That's what my TV is able to do :

    Windows frequencies :
    [Attachment 56030 - Click to enlarge]

    madVR nfo :
    [Attachment 56031 - Click to enlarge]

    I tried some settings, but am not really aware of all this different renderers (Jinc...........). My goal is to have a good upscale with 1080HD sources, essencially.

    I just enabled HDColors (also for games, but game mode is disabled) in Windows 1809, but didn't enabled playback auto enhancement in menu just above.
    Should i turn it back off ("HDColors" is HDR), or is it OK activated, for video an games, i mean.

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