I noticed that vdub2 has Lagarith codec as vd filter installed with the installation of vdub2 and if you installed the independent Lagarith 1320. In the compression list it shows two Lagarith compressions one as vfd one as system dll. If you take file compressed or captured with vdub 1 and try to use simple cuts and use direct copy in Vdub2 that file will be playable by system players like vlc but couldn't be opened in vdub 1 or Avisynth the message couldn't locate the decompressor for Lagarith error shows. Even If I deleted the lagarith file in the filter folder of Vdub2 the files cannot be decompressed. Even If I use direct copy of previous compressed lagarith file in vdub1 in vdub2 or in vdub1 it will show the same error my only solution for now for couple of files that were left like this is to use Fast Recompress in vdub1 or vdub 2 chose Lagarith and compress them again then they are visible in vdub1 or Avisynth very very strange