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  1. A movie DVD when opened using Windows Explorer shows 2 folders: Audio TS, Video TS.
    When both folders are copied and then pressed onto a fresh DVD-R, the movie on the new disc is watchable on any DVD player, but there is a pause with blank screen as it plays from one chapter to another (as opposed to a smooth crossing), and all subtitles are no longer available.

    Is there a way to overcome these?

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    what program did you use to copy the DVD ??
    and what burning program was used.
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  3. All on Windows Explorer, just like if you were copying a file from a USB.
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  4. authoring
    That's the thing you're looking for
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  5. SoChange the Explorer options to show all files, hidden an system files too. Then copy ALL files from your DVD to the harddisk.
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  6. ProWo: Managed to make copy of entire DVD onto DVD-R (ie. exact replica). Problem is the staggering between chapters, and absence of subtitles.
    Clockwork: Is "authoring" different from what I did?
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  7. If you can play your original DVD without any problems, you can also play an exact copy of it without any problems. So your copy is not exactly the same as the original.
    Create an ISO from the DVD, for example with Imgburn. You can then double click on this ISO (in Windows 10) and it will be displayed in the Explorer like a drive. Players like VLC can then play the copy like the original.
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  8. Your mistake is copying the folders and then burning the DVD. The proper way to copy a non-encrypted DVD is to use the "Copy DVD" feature in your burning program. Most people use ImgBurn, although some of us still use Nero.

    So, to reiterate, you want to use the "Copy DVD" or "Copy Disc" function rather than first copy the two DVD folders to your hard drive and then burn those.

    Having said that you can do it this way, but you then have to remember to choose the correct burning option. You probably chose to create a DVD data disc rather than a DVD video disc. That is what caused your problem.
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