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  1. I have a question: I have 4 monitors (no gaming): 2-24" 1080P, one 22.5" Pen Tablet monitor (Ugee 2150 HD)_ and a 4K 43" Samsung 4K, UHD HDR TV/monitor. I do fine art development in 4K and some 4k video rendering for my fine art business. They are used as follows; 1 24 is a VP2468 Pro used for "Pixel peeping" of photo's I use as reference material for my digital paintings, the second VP2468 Pro is used as a "palette" to develop the color brushes used for my paintings, this allows me to have a completely blank canvas on the Ugee 2150 HD while the 43" 4K screen allows me to see my art in real time development as it will be seen when delivered to art lovers on a global basis.

    My question is this; do I use just one very high powered graphics card such as a GTX 1080 Ti 11gb to control all 4 "monitors" or (at a much lower cost) use 2 graphics cards (such as GTX 970 4gb G1 or GTX 980 Ti 6gb G1) to spread the load so that one GPU doesn't have to support all 4 monitors (I already have 1 GTX970 4gb G1)?

    My PC can handle anything tossed at it with dual E5-2660 v3 CPU's (10 core each, 20 threads each and 128gb DDR4)

    I realize that the CPU's do most of the heavy lifting here, I am just trying to finish my build with something that I can live with for several years to come.

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    Just displaying an image on multiple screens isn't much of a load, so there is no need to "spread the load". Unless you are actually using the video card for some type of processing, there isn't an issue.
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