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    Hi, so I was wondering if I can play MP2's on Compuhost (and if so how) or if there is a way to convert them. All of my files are mp3 and cdg. Now I got a gift from a friend with 10 Karaoke songs in MP2 and am unsure what to do with them. Hope someone here can help me. Thanks in advance!
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    A properly designed mp3 player should always be backwards-compatible and able to play mp2 (and mp1 also). It might not be designed to see files with those extensions, however (but you could always cheat by renaming the extension to mp3).
    Mp3 = mpeg1, layer3
    Mp2 = mpeg1, layer2
    Mp1 = mpeg1, layer1
    Players should be able to play any mpeg1 audio types.

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