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  1. Here is a comparison. Left is EZCAP with Component cables and a not so great VCR (see earlier in thread for model)
    Right is Happuage capture device, The mitsubusi vcr referenced earlier, S-video cables.

    Colors seem more saturated. Also some scenes that were showing up with static or rainbow colors/black and white flashes now appear completely normal. It hasnt completed fixed a couple tapes but for the 150$ cost in upgraded equipment the general improvement is great.

    [Attachment 56191 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. Originally Posted by lordsmurf View Post
    Originally Posted by orsetto View Post

    Originally Posted by jayleonois View Post
    (I also switched from virtubal dub to the hauppage capture software if that makes a difference because I couldnt get the haupage to show up under devices in Vdub.)
    That was a mistake. You're now capturing compressed video. Quality will suffer.
    Im really not noticing much quality difference in side by side comparisons when playing both the uncompress .avi from vdub and the .ts from obs studio.
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