My son is wanting some video recording equipment for Christmas for recording and sharing his gaming that he does. Just looking for a decent setup that would suffice for his needs. I am not sharp in this area so I figured I would ask around and see what everyone would recommend. Not wanting to spend a fortune because who knows, he may use it a few times and be bored with it haha. Kids will be kids. Here is what he is looking to do.

1. Record and share his games as he plays on my laptop
2. Record himself so he can be on the screen as well, talking and narrating. Camera and Microphone?
3. He would like to do backgrounds also so maybe a mediocre green screen or something of that nature?

Any info on decent equipment and all the gadgets I will need is greatly appreciated. I have searched and kind of have an idea but a good bundle setup idea would be great!!

Thanks so much in advance for any info!