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  1. I am trying to encode some videos that I have converted from VHS. I get this error when creating the DVD. I essentially used EasyCap to capture the video then Handbrake to make the video size smaller (a 120 min .avi video is 130 GB!). With Handbrake it brings it down to 1.5GB or so.

    "An Error occured during the encoding process

    -1 from EncodeAudio: Audio source was not corrected."

    Then I am given the error log. Some highlights from the log:

    Error while decoding stream #0.1

    *** ffmpeg_video_title0_source0.txt

    exceeds max (probably corrupt input), discarding one

    Last message repeated 68 times

    [h264 @ 0x13593b0]illegal reordering_of_pic_nums_idc

    [h264 @ 0x13593b0]decode_slice_header error

    [h264 @ 0x13593b0]mmco: unref short failure

    Last message repeated 1 times

    [h264 @ 0x13593b0]number of reference frames exceeds max (probably corrupt input), discarding one

    frame=142856 fps= 35 q=2.0 size= 1309283kB time=4766.60 bitrate=2250.2kbits/s

    *** ffmpeg_video_title1_source0.txt

    682105kB time=2477.71 bitrate=2255.2kbits/s

    frame=74323 fps=121 q=2.0 size= 682713kB time=2479.88 bitrate=2255.3kbits/s

    frame=74401 fps=121 q=1.6 size= 683409kB time=2482.48 bitrate=2255.2kbits/s

    frame=74491 fps=121 q=2.0 size= 684234kB time=2485.48 bitrate=2255.2kbits/s

    frame=74545 fps=121 q=2.0 Lsize= 684729kB time=2487.28 bitrate=2255.2kbits/s

    video:684729kB audio:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead 0.000000%

    *** ffmpeg_video_title2_source0.txt

    kB time=3996.39 bitrate=2250.2kbits/s

    frame=119818 fps= 59 q=9.4 size= 1098125kB time=3997.89 bitrate=2250.1kbits/s

    frame=119863 fps= 59 q=11.7 size= 1098550kB time=3999.40 bitrate=2250.2kbits/s

    frame=119909 fps= 59 q=21.6 size= 1098996kB time=4000.93 bitrate=2250.2kbits/s

    frame=119916 fps= 59 q=27.6 Lsize= 1099070kB time=4001.16 bitrate=2250.2kbits/s

    video:1099070kB audio:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead 0.000000%

    *** ffmpeg_video_title3_source0.txt

    1838kB time=3392.89 bitrate=2249.9kbits/s

    frame=101741 fps=107 q=2.0 size= 932343kB time=3394.72 bitrate=2249.9kbits/s

    frame=101809 fps=107 q=2.0 size= 932965kB time=3396.99 bitrate=2249.9kbits/s

    frame=101879 fps=107 q=2.0 size= 933607kB time=3399.33 bitrate=2249.9kbits/s

    frame=101886 fps=107 q=2.0 Lsize= 933671kB time=3399.56 bitrate=2249.9kbits/s

    video:933671kB audio:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead 0.000000%

    *** Project destination folder

    0.0.0.ac3 85268736

    0.0.0_fixed.ac3 0

    0.0.m2v 1340706095

    1.0.m2v 701162199

    2.0.m2v 1125447659

    3.0.m2v 956079088

    dvdflick.log 4902

    errorlog.txt 13819

    ffmpeg_audio_title0_track0_source0.txt 20832

    ffmpeg_video_title0_source0.txt 2136189

    ffmpeg_video_title1_source0.txt 101590

    ffmpeg_video_title2_source0.txt 666254

    ffmpeg_video_title3_source0.txt 165944
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    Something about the file it doesn't like. Seemed to happen to DVD Flick once in a while.
    Perhaps give AVStoDVD a go
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  3. DVDflick has not been updated in YEARS, so it has a tendency to choke on some file variations that other, more current apps like AVStoDVD might handle better. More likely in this case, Handbrake really messed with the file while reducing it to a tiny fraction of its original size: Handbrake is nifty but buggy, so your 1.5GB reduction file may also fail with AVStoDVD. A dead giveaway that the file is too funky for DVDflick is if it takes forever to load into the project window (many minutes instead of seconds).

    One workaround that seems to solve a huge percentage of DVDflick errors is to strip the audio from the source file with a separate utility prior to importing the video to DVDflick. Once the video file is loaded in the DVDflick project window, go to Edit Title>Audio>Add Audio Track. Navigate to your newly ripped audio track and add it, being sure to click the tiny checkbox on the left. Once loaded, it will appear beneath the original audio in the track list. Highlight the original audio track, and Remove it, so the project will now source audio from the new track you supplied. This trick almost always cures DVDflick error issues.

    The utility I use for this workaround is Avanti-GUI, an ffmpeg graphic front end. Navigate to the folder containing your problem video file, and select that title as the the Source and Destination titles. Choose an audio codec for the newly modified track: AAC usually works fine for most sources. Click the Start Process button, and the utility will create a new "repaired" replacement audio track for you within a couple of minutes. On very rare occasions, the source file is so funky even Avanti-GUI fails, but this has only happened to me one in fifty times. Other similar A/V utilities would probably also do the same job, I stay with Avanti-GUI simply because it was recommended to me as a "cure all" by a die hard DVDflick enthusiast years ago and it consistently regenerates audio tracks that give DVDflick fits.
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