I have a Sony VP-5020.

I have about 50 u-matic tapes made from a different machine. All of them (except for one) seems to show rastor (snow) instead of playing a picture. Some will show a slight black and white picture for a few seconds while in fast forward or rewind. Some play the sound even though there is rastor.

I am 98% sure that they are NTSC, not PAL. None of them are squealing or getting stuck. They all rewind and fast forward without issue.

However, I have two test tapes that were made on this machine and they play normally with no issues. So I don't think the problem is with the machine.

I saw that there is a U-Matic SP but I'm under the impression that if they are SP, they will play fine but will show some artifacts in the screen. These are barely showing a picture at all.

Do I have the wrong type of U-Matic machine, is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere or is there something wrong with the tapes (all 49 of them?!?)

Thanks so much for your help!