Hey all, I'm authoring Blu-rays using Premiere CS6 (usually just adding company logos and bumpers to the front of a feature prores), then dynamic link to Encore (autoplay... no bells, no whistles). Simple enough. The one issue that appears repeatedly is stray frames: a single frame from earlier or later in the film appearing randomly in a different scene. I'd say it is happening as often as 1/3 of the time, forcing me to redo the whole project.

Adobe's only advice seems to be clearing the media cache (which I do) and/or a reboot (which I do), but this has maybe a 50/50 chance of helping, in my experience. The tedious part of all of this is not re-authoring. I have no problem doing that as needed. I want to avoid QCing the film 2, 3, 4 times just to find one stray frame an hour into it.

Is there a program that can do this for me? Maybe some functionality in ffmpeg to scan the stream for "scenes" shorter than X frames long? We tested Interra's BATON system, which can do this, but in the covid theatrical world we simply can't afford that product.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.