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  1. I don't know where should I post it so I posted it here.

    Anw, I'm using MadVR on PotPlayer with LAVFilters to make the video play in 60FPS but it seems that they are not playing at 60FPS.
    I tried swapping renderer between "Auto" and "MadVR" and I didn't notice any difference.

    I don't know too, I'm still not sure. Maybe I just got accustomed to playing 60FPS videos.
    I tried playing this video : (downloaded it and play it on PotPlayer) it doesn't play on 60FPS, I mean visually, because PotPlayer reports that it is playing at 60~ FPS when I am using MadVR as renderer. But when I switch renderer to "auto", it reports as playing at 24FPS but visually there's no difference.

    Here are my PotPlayer settings:

    MadVR settings:

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    I tried inserting an image through link but it doesn't display anything. My apologies!
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  2. Are you sure the video you downloaded is 60fps ? Check this with mediainfo.
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    The video is 24fps. But it was intended. Because what I want to test if MadVR is really doing 24fps to 60fps. Am I missing something?

    What should I do with bShaders? I'm kindly new to this. Back then I was using SVP but it was too heavy for my CPU that whatever settings I get, it stutters. Causing unsynced A/V.
    I just found out this MadVR + LAVFilters that it makes 60fps videos. That's what I thought. Or am I missing something? Thank you again for your reply!
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  4. I don't use PotPlayer or MadVR or motion interpolation. You would likely get better answers there:

    I did try SVP a while ago and my conclusion was that native 60fps capture was superior and less hassle (and that I would only ever want high framerate for the video contents where it makes sense such as Sports, otherwise regular 24/30fps is fine).

    Shaders can be used to do realtime gpu processing in video players.
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  5. I see. I'll try asking there too but it would take 5 days since they required the account should be 5 days old before posting/replying. :3
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  6. True but the topic has been discussed recently in the referenced thread.
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