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  1. I have a video file without sound and a stereo audio file. Video is several times longer than audio. I'd like to create a background sound which starts from 2 second silence, then trim silence of the audio at both ends and duplicate trimmed audio several times to the end of the video.

    I found how to trim audio:
    ffmpeg -y -i audio.wav -af silenceremove=start_periods=1:start_threshold=-75dB,areverse,silenceremove=start_periods=1:start_threshold=-75dB,areverse trimmed_audio.wav
    And how to create silence:
    ffmpeg -y -f lavfi -i anullsrc=channel_layout=stereo:sample_rate=48000:duration=2 silence.wav
    How can I duplicate the audio, combine it with the video (c:v copy) and add an audio fade-out at the end?
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    If you are not careful to include fade-ins and fade-outs, your aggregate file will have "clicks" at every edit/loop point.

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  3. Every edit/loop point will start at less than -75db RMS. You won't hear anything.
    But it's a good idea to add an audio fade-out at the end.
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  4. Is there anybody?
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