Hello. I'm new to Aegisub, I've been using Subtitle Edit for a while, but I really wanted to make the subs stylized. Yesterday, the font size was 20, but they appeared normally in Aegisub while I was editing them. I changed the position of one subtitle to translate a title card, I made it the same font as in the video so it would look nice. And then I saved the project and quit. When I opened the project today, all the subtitles were abnormally small and the title card was not just small, but also in the left upper corner. I tried looking up some things and then I found something like PlayResX/Y. So, I set it to PlayResX: 1920 PlayResY: 1080. Nothing changed, so I changed it to 480 and 270 (1/4 of the original resolution, since it looked like it shrunk in size by something like that.) Then it asked me to change the script to the 1080p video size, and it got resized pretty well. I had to adjust the position and whatnot, but it worked fine. Then, I played the subtitles in VLC and the title card is much bigger than in Aegisub. Why is that? And is it possible to keep the exact same size as in Aegisub?