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    So I have tried several different methods/programs to get these dead spots out. They appear approx. every 20sec. and are about a quarter sec. long. I honestly can't tell if the Video is messed up as well but it appears that there are several frames exactly the same at the same time as well. I have tried bringing it into powerdirector and saving it out in several different formats with different frame rates from 24-120 and several different codec/formats and one conversion program. I am including the video info I have for it as reported. Image
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. How does it (the original VFR MP4, not the decoded WAV) play in a media player, such as VLC, MPV, MPCHC ?
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  3. It does the same thing in VLC. I also burnt them to DVD and they skip/glitch as well.
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  4. Check another player like MPCHC, also try opening MP4 in a browser directly too

    Also try rewrapping the video , with mkvtoolnix into a mkv container, then check again with a media player. Sometimes remuxing can fix things

    What do the frames look like in the video editor , that correspond to the problem audio sections ?

    If the video/audio is truly messed up, do you care about the audio only, or audio and video ? (because if it's in sync , and you cut audio, it will go out of sync unless the corresponding video is cut too)

    If it's just audio, then ffmpeg has silencedetect and silenceremove filters

    If it's audio and video - there used to be an after effects script to automatically remove silent audio and corresponding video called awkward pause, but it's no longer available. It worked pretty well.

    Supposedly an alternative is , and you export an EDL to a video editor for the cuts. I haven't tried this one, don't know how well it works
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  5. The waveform shows you have drop-outs in the audio. It can happen with poor captures (just like dropped frames for video).
    if keeping the original audio is important:
    - either cut them out
    - or fill them with your clips background noise (it's the simplest to keep sync with video, but it doesn't help if the cuts occur during speech for instance). It can be done manually with Audacity.
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  6. Is it ok to upload a 50sec snipplet?
    I don't notice the video glitching and that is my fear if all the dead spots are cut out it wouldn't be in sync. When you go frame by frame in the editor it appears that there are several frames exactly the same but I don't think it would be noticeable if the audio was solid. Just an FYI I recently installed a codec pack (K-lite codec pack) in an effort to get another program to possibly work without crashing (Muvee Reveal Oncore). This is the first time I have ever seen a movie(concert) be this big of a file 12Gig. it is only 1hr 40min @ that normal? Let me know if it is ok to attach a short clip. Thanks in advance
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  7. It is recommended to provide clips.

    12GB for 1h40 @1080p is certainly possible, but video can be compressed to use less bitrate.
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  8. Here is a couple examples. the other MPC player does the same thing
    Image Attached Files
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  9. I've checked out cobotest24P.mp4

    bitrate is 10Mbps at 1080p. The video quality is poor >> you could reencode and save bitrate.
    There are short blanks in the recorded audio approx. every 20s as reported.
    You can either cut frames with missing audio and re-encode (ex: with Avidemux).
    Or fix the audio with Audacity (preferable unless the cut can't be filled adequately) while maintaining sync.

    It's a fair bit of work to do manually though for 1h40min (300cuts ?). Also, odds are some of the cuts will be jarring.
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  10. Ya I was just hoping it was some coding issue and could be fixed easy by reencoding at a lower frame rate or something since it seemed to be very spot on 20sec. I am not super fluent in all things video and was just hoping it was a newbie easy fix. I'm actually not even sure exactly how it was recorded. I know the inspector says SonyPSP and I think it was a PPV stream originally. Hopefully I can just purchase a DVD in the near future and be done with it. I do appreciate all the help and thanks again for trying.
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  11. If you extract the audio and open in a hex-editor you will see the content corresponding to the audio drop-outs is almost entirely filled with zeros >> it's a capture issue in the source file.
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