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    I want to download a rather large playlist, and I do not want to do it one by one. The man page of youtube-dl and the examples on the Internet show clearly that is possible, namely, just writting "right" the address of the playlist. This is the actual command that I am using:

     youtube-dl -i --playlist-start 9 --playlist-end 103
    And the url is right. But I do not get ANYTHING (not even the first video). Not an error message also, what I get is this

    [youtube:playlist] PL8ACC74B0CB3FA1C4: Downloading webpage
    [download] Downloading playlist: PL8ACC74B0CB3FA1C4
    [youtube:playlist] playlist PL8ACC74B0CB3FA1C4: Downloading 0 videos
    [download] Finished downloading playlist: PL8ACC74B0CB3FA1C4
    You can check for yourselves that the playlist is not empty.

    My version of youtube-dl is 2020.11.01.1
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  2. I copy/pasted your command line. It worked for me. Version: 2020.11.12
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    latest version is 2020.11.19
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