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  1. hi

    i have 8 mp4 files, that i want to convert to blu ray folder and burn to watch on blu ray player..

    should i just add file 1, add file 2 so on?
    or add file 1, then join file 2, so on?

    is there a way to get a basic menu sort of opt 1 play all and then play file 1, back to menu then play file 2?

    also could i clip the crap out of the files? ie the last 3 minutes of the file? and then the clip the intro on the next, so on? so it is like a film?

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    That's not even close to how it works.

    To do what you want to do - especially the menu and the clip play ordering - you must use a legit Bluray authoring app and compile that way. And there are no freeware versions of this.

    Also beware: your mp4s may not be Bluray-legal format and so you might need to re-encode regardless. Obvs, you will be wanting to encode using a tool that is known to output BD-compliant material.

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