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    I am ripping in my DVDs and some BluRays,

    I am looking to update my Dune old Media Player to a Zidoo 2000UHD or 1000Pro

    can these models succesfully stream ISO over network from my smb NAS shares

    I have read about STTTTUTTTER (stutter)

    has this been solved with updated firmware or are there still issues

    Just trying to workout should I be ripping my DVDs to folders or ISO

    thanks for any help

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    i have zidoo z10 pro
    you can read more here .

    youtube you can sign in your account there are some bug in the software...

    not good for music mp3 album it slow indexing and it crash if you have 10k+ album

    it good for 4k if you have a good 4k tv, play bluray if connect to extern blue ray you can record tv with hdmi in, play nes snes emulator, it dowload subtitle and movie cover web

    a this price range a mini pc with win 10 would do a better job!
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    There is a lot to be learned from the zidoo forums too

    What need do you have to update your Dune? I still have a near 10 year old Smart D1 and it plays every dvd and blu-ray iso I toss at it flawlessly. Including full disc menu support. It is still the most robust mediaplayer I ever owned. Pity it doesn't do 3D though.

    Should you want to update for UHD and Dolby Vision playback, I suggest reading the 1619 based players section

    Having the Zidoo Z9X myself for UHD rips, I can't say I'm impressed yet. There is a lot of issues to be fixed. It is rather early days for the 1619 players. They definitely have potential and it is said that Zidoo is working hard on proper fw updates.
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