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    Hi Guys

    A little mythed by all the different rippers and just trying to workout what one is the best to stick with

    at the moment I don't have many Blu Ray discs, but playing on purchasing a Blu Ray Drive (read/writer) for my PC to rip blu ray and DVDs

    What is the best blu Ray drive to purchase? I have been looking at the latest 16x LG and ASUS

    is there there any better drives ? or am I good to go with either of the above two ?

    ok so once I invest in a nice new blu ray drive, what is the best ripping software to purchase to over come this painful protection on both blu ray and DVD

    I'm guessing get rid of DVD FAB and simply use either ANYDVD or PASSKEY and do a simple 1:1 rip to hard drive from either of these two programs for both DVD or BluRay

    As I need to purchase a Decrypter what one should I invest in ANYDVD or PassKey

    I'm not really sure why DVDFAB can not do everything ???, It's almost like you have to keep adding modules PASSKEY ??/?

    why is this simply not part of DVDFAB, even if you pay more for DVDFAB

    any help appreciated

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    Any Blu-ray burner from ASUS, LG, or Pioneer can be used for decrypting Blu-ray and DVD. However, if you intend to rip 4K/UHD Blu-ray then you need specific Blu-ray drive models with specific firmware installed.

    I can't tell you if one ripper is better than another. I used to have Passkey for Blu-ray. It was very useful for watching new Blu-ray discs with an outdated version of PowerDVD Ultra.
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