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    That's about old videos wich i want to make a clip with (320x240 like). All those on the Resident Evil PsX discs, i ripped with jPSXdec at highest quality ( RGB lanczos, that i choosed despite reading manual about AviSynth filtering).

    jPSXdec manual :

    The FMV game intro found on the French (like me) and German discs is in color for director's "uncut" version. This is "the" only file (i think this will be, FR & GE needed it !!) that needed a/v sync option in jPSXdec (manual explains how PSX movies start with audio sync). Didn't checked all files at this time.
    There is also Jap audio on a special disc (called "Complete disc").
    With all those different version regions discs i found some variants (music, scenes, sounds, voices...).... i'd like to make a comlplete A/V edit with all that stuff.

    I have :
    VideoPad 7
    AviSynth+ : AVSinfoTool, AvsPmod, Zs_RF_Shared , QTGMC, FFTW, TFM, DGDecode, Decomb, EEDI2+3 (since my first topic "3 A.M, Taxis pour cible")
    MeGui x86
    SMPlayer (mpv)
    I know nothing with VideoPad, it's an advanced tool to me.

    PsX videos STR format :

    Video made on ModDb :
    From 320x240p 15fps to 1920x1440p True 60fps using Machine Learning and Interpolation=interpolated 30fps.

    I just extracted movies from PSX discs at this time, will ask help when needed.

    First recommandation, as i used the highest quality possible with RGB and Lanczos, i want keep it as this, but it's 783Mo for 3min47sec, is Lagarith (also RGB24, as input) doing that well ? It gives a 227Mo file.

    First exemple of a wanted edit, add papernews transparency from cut version frames, to uncut version :

    Papernews censor in place of zombies

    Jap dub
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  2. The Lagarith version gives exactly the same output as the original RGB -- it's lossless compression (much like a ZIP file).
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    Good to know, just now i finished to verify all things that are different along all regional discs videos, most are duplicates. I do Lagarith now.
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    The files kept by discs :

    French v1.0 =
    Capcom logo v1
    Intro B&W ccensored

    French Director Cut =
    Capcom logo v2
    Zombie eat Keneth (sound only)
    Hunter goes downstair open door (sound only)
    Shark in water (sound only)
    Fountain emptyingg water (door sound only)
    Mansion explosion (sound only)
    Endings 2-8
    Menu - Resident Evil
    Intro Colored uncut
    Logo Virgin (megastore)

    USA Dual-Schock =
    Zombie eat Keneth (sound only) / DS zik
    Endings 2-8 / DS zik

    JAP v1.1 =
    Intro B&W uncut / Cast zik (i've got a shotgun)

    JAP Director Cut =
    Zombie eat Keneth - uncut (sound only)
    Ending 1 - uncut
    Menu - Bio Hazard
    Intro B&W uncut

    JAP Dual-Schock =
    Zombie eat Keneth - uncut (sound only) / DS zik
    Hunter goes downstair open door (sound only) / DS zik
    Endings 1 - uncut / DS zik
    Intro B&W uncut / DS zik (i've got a shotgun)

    JAP Complete CD (DS cd2) =
    Intro B&W uncut / DS zik - Jap voice dub

    I think i will update that just a little
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    i need to find a solution to make AviDemux work better with 4K video, audio plays while video stutter, i can use it one second max and it's annoying, it doesn't seek very well also in pause mode.

    I'm doing something with RE2 Apokalipse X265 4K movies.

    EDIT : at least i have good chance, i use four audios and it has exactly this option
    VFF, VF2 (not good, newer), VFQ, VO

    II : fiXed

    III : not synced a/v, but video advances better, play/pause is instantany !!! Async occurs from the 2nd second.

    IV : fixed
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