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  1. hello I use the potplayer bookmarks to take notes while watching a video.
    It's a bit limited because there is only one line so you can't see more than 10 words.
    Does anyone have any solution to take notes that are attached to the video timeline.
    Thank you
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  2. I have used subtitles for a year or so, Aegisub and Subtitle Edit, but I could not configure them to work comfortably. The space for editing the subtitles occupies most of the screen, is not designed to see the video and write puntually, take a note here and there, just to remember where are the things next time you open that file.
    Potplayer is the most functional player i know by far and for taking notes it would be perfect if the lines of the bookmarks were double (if the lines are a bit long you don't see the words anymore) and if the bookmarks editor were integrated into the sidebar.
    They recently added the filter function into bookmark editor that make things much more easy.
    I wonder how other people solve this issue. Taking notes it is something basic, you don't want to start from scratch every time you work in a file.
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  3. Subtitle Edit is very comfortable. Load your video, play it and insert the subtitels wherever you want. It's very easy.
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  4. I totally get your frustration with the limited PotPlayer bookmarks. I had the same issue, but then I stumbled upon this cool site It lets me write notes that are attached to the video timeline, making it super convenient. Plus, the best part is that the notes are anonymous and automatically deleted after being read.
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